Perfect technique…exact spirit of the composers

Societe D’Arts, Bruxelles, Belgium

…Greatly enjoyed the precision of the playing and the wide variety of nuance…sensitivity was never absent”

L’Echo Musical, Belgium

…executed perfectly the phrasing and dynamics…clear, sparkling runs…lovely interpretation…

Washington Post, Washington, DC

“The Joseph & Ross team performed with perfect synchronization”…”with closed eyes, no listener could detect where one stopped and the other started”

-Herald, Hagerstown, MD

“Joseph & Ross bring to the concert stage a freshness and relief from the mundane”

Musicians Club of America, Miami, FL

What a pleasure and learning experience to work with Natalie Ross for 28 years–as a duo partner–she is not only a great musician, but a wonderful person and friend 

Ann Joseph, concert pianist and music teacher 

Student Testimonials 

As a child I suffered through the drudgery of piano lessons. I was left with the impression that playing piano was just playing  notes. Now as a retired school teacher, Natalie teaches me how to bring out the musicality in these notes. Natalie is an extraordinary piano teacher with a gifted ear and an amazing understanding of different musical styles.  Most importantly, she has the ability to communicate how to create musicality from the notes. Taking piano lesson with Natalie, is the best thing I’ve done for myself in a long time.

Howard Lau

What sets Natalie apart from other teachers is that she still performs in public as an accomplished artist. This is one of the many ways she earns respect from her students who appreciate her love for the piano. She is nurturing yet pushes her students to their fullest potential, always challenging me with pieces I thought I could not play. She loves what she does and I love going to my lessons, always feeling motivated and uplifted afterwards.

Arturo Salgado

Unlike many other fabulous pianists and fabulously gifted piano teachers I have known, Natalie was kind, patient, and always supportive of me as a musician. Even when I was frustrated with my playing, I always looked forward to my weekly lesson, where we hammered out whatever technical problems I had. I cannot recommend Natalie highly enough.

Jeffrey Kessler, student at Yale University

As a novice adult student, Natalie is the perfect combination of foundational theory and musical dynamics in a teacher, for me.

William Schilling

Natalie is a wonderful, enthusiastic, well-organized teacher who has a profound sense of the music and how best to teach it. She applies an intelligent, analytical approach to resolving problems. Furthermore, she practices what she preaches, and is an expert musician who is a pleasure to hear.

Janet Newburg

Natalie was a wonderful teacher. She always had an amazing amount of energy and enthusiasm for every lesson. I learned a lot from her, not only from her teaching, but also from her positive attitude. I love music and I know that a good deal of that love was inspired by her musicality and by her teaching.

Natalie Draper, music major at Carleton University

Natalie is a great piano teacher- – she’s very patient and makes learning FUN!!!

Emma M. Kurdian