Breaking News!

 Hi Everyone – I wanted to share with you a very special invitation that I received.  A few weeks ago I received a letter inviting me to join the Dominant Club of Los Angeles.  It seems that 3 active (performing) members have to refer you.  This club was started in 1906 for women active in the musical arts.  Some of their amazing members include Mezzo Soprano – Marilyn Horne, Violinist – Hillary Hahn, Percussionist – Evelyn Glennie, Conductor – JoAnn Falletta and Composer – Libby Larsen, just to mention a few!!  Members are offered the opportunity to perform in various recitals.  I have accepted this nomination and look forward to performing on Nov. 9th with Arturo Salgado (my very talented student!).  We will be performing the 2nd and 3rd movements of the George Onslow Sonata, Op. 7 for piano 4 hand.


Please read about the Dominant Club !

Their historical records have the distinction of being housed in the Huntington Library Archives.


Needless to say, I’m very flattered! – Natalie


Listen to Natalie Ross perform four-hand piano music with Ann Joseph